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Welcome to Play2See, where education & fun are the only constant!



For children aged 5 to 14 years old who are looking for smart & fun activities to bridge their knowledge between school & recreational activities, enjoy outdoor spaces & stretch their mind with inspiring experts.


For children & teens who are looking for after-school recreational activities after their school journey to move and think out-of-the-box


French Classes

For children who are looking for excellence in family size school following the French National Syllabus. 

For children who wish to study French as a 2nd language in a wholesome learning environment



For individuals & families who are looking for a safe space to interact, play and bridge the challenges between home, work and school.

Testimonials from parents & professionals

"PLAY2SEE has created a real discovery path, underlayed by Neurosciences research, combining visual arts, music and interactive play. Children learn about the world and themselves. Most important is the enthusiasm and implication of PLAY2SEE, as well as their qualities of attunement with children with different needs."

- Vivian Dobos

(Clinical Psychologist) 

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