Play2see's list of creative partners & collaborators

Aikido with Sensei Freddy Khong

Prior to learning Aikido, Freddy Khong Sensei trained in Wushu, Judo and Karate. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in 1969 and also taught Acupuncture and Breathing Therapy at the Institute of Natural Therapy Centre.

He has always been teaching aikido in Singapore and he formally established the Aikido Federation (Singapore) in 2002. In January 2010, Sensei was awarded Rokudan (6th Dan) by Moreteriu Ueshiba Sensei Aikido Doshu at Hombu Dojo Japan.

Camera Obscura with Isabelle Desjeux

Artist Isabelle Desjeux runs the space L'Observatoire as a residency for artists who want to experiment on specific projects, ideas, methods, processes and a source of inspiration for the school community. The door is open for children to take a peek and at the end of the month-long investigation, an Open Studio is organised for the school community and the public at large. She encourages discussions, participation, and an open mind.

Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) aims to raise awareness and facilitate inclusion of marginalized people in our community. DiD proposes to visitors to put them in darkness situation where they can navigate the exhibition with help of guides who are blind.  This is a fresh kind of experiential learning, very hands-on and thought-provoking.

Future World by ArtScience Museum

Future World, the new permanent exhibition at ArtScience Museum explore a fully immersive digital universe, where 15 spectacular art installations are brought to life and evolve in real-time through visitor presence and participation.

Ice Skating with Stephanie Tahiri

Stephanie Tahiri has trained 10 years in figure ice skating and ice ballet for French Championships from the age of 7 years old. As the founder of Play2see curriculum, her passion is to engage the children in 5 senses experiences where they can boost their confidence; from thinking, moving around and interacting with others in any environment. And the ice ring is a perfect place to build confidence!

Kaboodle Kids

Based on David Rockwell’s concept of Imagination Playground, Kaboodle Kidscenter propose to children to use blue Foam blocks to build and create something with little or no guidance. Gaming session encourages children to brainstorm, design, experiment and taking risks.

Light Photography with Charlie Lim

Under the cloak of a darkened room, wielding a light torch as his paintbrush, Charlie Lim paints his subject.

He is an international photographer whose works range from Pre-Wedding, Food, Product, Fine Art, Advertising to Industrial. He was the first in Singapore to develop light painting photography process.  He specialized himself for the last 8 years in what he called "Oil-painting photography" 


Pawsibility specializes in the use of Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Play Therapy in conducting counselling and social emotional development programmes. Their professional therapy dog Telly makes sessions fun and engaging while supporting the children and youth as they process through personal challenges, make sense of experiences and learn new social emotional skills.

Violin Making With S.K

S.K. is the owner of Johann Strings and a trained luthier in Singapore. He is trained in Newark, Nottinghamshire of England under Mr John Gosling and

Ms Narelle Freeman. He obtained the Certificate of Advanced Violin Restoration and a member of the British Violin Making Association since 2012.

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