About Play2see

About Play2see

Ideas for Play2see sparked in 2012, with one mother's determination to cope with academic constraints, as well as overcome the domination of small screens, e.g. mobile phones, over children's lives.

Thus, Play2see's motto, "To look far and out of the box".

In August 2014, Play2see became a fully-fledged and unique edutainment offering for children. 


As of 2018, Play2see has holiday camps. The content of which spans the breadth of more than 70 different topics. Play2see has also developed partnerships with artists, game companies, and educational institutions, special need parents / schools and associations in order to offer growing kids a holistic direction for exploration and self-expression.


Our participants come from diverse backgrounds with one goal (among many) in mind:


Play2see is a unique edutainment curriculum program run by CognitivEye Pte Ltd  that aims to empower children through developing and enhancing their abilities of perception, cognition, and self-expression. 
It combines art appreciation and hands-on learning, encouraging participants to loosen up & allow their senses to explore various subjects from different viewpoints.

Play2see CURRICULUM includes 70+ TOPICS, with different activities for each age group :  

  • 4 to 6 years old

  • 7 to 10 years old

  • 11 years old and more

Our curriculum is delivered in an intimate class settings, giving the opportunity to the children to connect the dots between knowledge, personal experience and imagination. 


Our organisation seeks to use play and lateral thinking as a mode of exploration and expression to encourage the kids to think on their own and build confidence. We don't teach them topics, we encourage them to think and keep their curious and open mind to discover how to learn, play and interact with their environment. 



Who is CognitivEye?

CognitivEye designs and runs perception and design thinking programs.

We use Play2see™ curriculum as a unique and innovative syllabus in its character development program, inspired by Art and Neuroscience. Workshops to increase idea generating skills by encouraging the participants to think out of the box in a mindful and cohesive environment.

  • We expose our participants to different artworks, strategic games and lateral thinking activities.

  • We encourage them to stretch their mind, open their eyes, listen mindfully, think out of the box, build on peers' ideas and think on their feet.

  • We constantly innovate thanks to our community of partners, parents and children who inspire us to grow and explore with them.We belong to the same family of enthusiastic life-long learners with child-like curiosity!

Thanks to our program, our participants build confidence in articulating thoughts and emotions, improve self-awareness, increase mental flexibility & adaptability, use creativity in problem solving, and discover the joy of learning from peers.

Who do benefit from CognitivEye offerings?


  • Children 4 to 14 years old through workshops, play groups, holiday camps and discovery trips

  • Schools and therapists with a syllabus and a pedagogy offering

  • Special kids during special play