Precautionary Measures in Play2see in response to Covid-19

📈 With the reopening of Play2see centre, as part of our commitment to ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and staff, the Play2see team is following the advice of the MOH (Singapore Ministry of Health) and MOE (Singapore Ministry of Education) observing the precautionary measures as below from (

  1. 🗒 We would require a health declaration from participants before the commencement of session.

  2. 🗓Daily Safe Entry to be logged by the adult in charge

  3. 🌡Temperature are monitored twice : in the morning (entrance) and in the afternoon

  4.  🤒If a student arrives to Play2see sick, he/she will be sent home.

  5. 👨‍⚕📝Running nose due to allergy or chronic sinusitis, Play2see requires a doctor's note to welcome the child.

  6. ✊All staff have been asked to monitor any symptoms, and will be asked to stay away from school and sent back until they have been checked.

    Actions we are taking:

  7.  💦The Play2see centre will be wiped down at high human-contact points with disinfectants daily.

  8. 👥 Students are separated into groups  & each group will be observing distancing at all time from each other based on latest government's regulation

  9.  😷 Students & educators are to put on a mask at all time, other than when drinking & eating.

  10.  Snacks & meal time will follow government's regulation closely. We will be advising parents on the dining options.

  11.  🙌 Staff will issue age-appropriate guidance on ensuring all children wash/sanitise their hands effectively and don’t share food at snack time

  12. 📏Tapes are laid on the floor of our space for indication to help maintain safe distancing between groups

  13. 🍽 We will ensure time spent in restaurant for meal time is kept to minimum as possible, with safe distancing observed.

  14. ⏳We will ensure Safe Entry every place we go (done remotely by Play2see staff to avoid queuing time at high human traffic area)

  15. 🚐Private transportation will be provided to and fro from our trusted partners location.

  16. 🍃 We will avoid crowded areas when the kids go for outings

  17. 🔎 📈Play2see is diligently monitoring the updates from MOH & MOE with regards to the COVID-19, topics & outings will change to accommodate the latest situation.