Precautionary Measures in Play2see in response to CoronaVirus

With regards to the evolving of Wuhan CoronaVirus, following the advice of the Singapore Ministry of Health, & referencing Singapore Ministry of Education steps, Play2see will be taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and staff in Play2see.

  1. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Play2see sessions are conducted in small group of 12 pax maximum, adhering to recommendation of small group assembly.

  2. ✈🇨🇳📝Compulsory travel declaration form for each family of participant

  3.  ❌🤒Play2see staffs & participants are closely monitored for any respiratory symptoms & temperature.

  4. 🌡👐Temperature checks are done 2 times/ day and proper hand washing for participants & staffs

  5. 🤧If any child has symptoms of cold, flu or unwell, they will be sent home. Child will be separated and parents/guardian will be called up for pickup.

  6. 👨‍⚕📝Running nose due to allergy or chronic sinusitis, Play2see requires a doctor's note to welcome the child.

  7. 🔎 📈Play2see is diligently monitoring the updates from MOH & MOE with regards to the CoronaVirus, topics & outings will change to accommodate the latest situation.

  8. 🏞🍃Crowded shopping centres will be avoided for Play2see outings, parks & monitored centres will be prioritised instead.

  9. 🚐Participants are transported by Private transport only.

  10. 🌯🥗Meals are taken away instead of in restaurant to avoid high human traffic.

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