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Client & Partners

"Play2see is an innovative way of mixing visual of artworks music & games. It helps the children even the adult to think on their own. Play2see is based on self-expression and emotions which excludes academic reading. I felt that the kids could better understand my art of photography when they have experienced Pay2see sessions.


It’s inspired by a genuine appreciation of Singapore culture & values as Stephanie has been living here for years with real connections to different communities. And because it’s a perfect place to stretch the thinking process out of the box.

Therefore, I recommend Play2se to any institutions that require their support & creations."


Charlie Lim- The Painter of Light

SOE Nominee 2009

Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award 2015

" Stephanie explores a variety of subjects by combining different forms of art in a fascinating and unique way. 

As the bilingual program started this year we wanted to get the students as engaged as possible. We also wanted them to experience something unique to make our units of inquiry engaging and successful.

The IB program is an inquiry-based approach and our students are curious and able to think deeply about important subjects. As a teacher, I am always trying to find creative ways to unfold our units of inquiry. Stephanie was able to adapt her workshops to our units and she delivered them to the students via an interplay of asking, doing and thinking.

Stephanie was able to captivate her audience and to get the students to take an active role in their learning. As she presented different approaches to the students, they grew more confident by getting involved in their own learning and by participating actively.


At the end of the workshop, one of the youngest students gave a big hug to Stephanie, saying, "When are you coming again?".   


I would highly recommend Play2See as a teaching partner who approaches the learning from different perspectives and gives students food for thought as well as a unique and engaging experience. 


It has been a pleasure preparing these workshops with Stephanie and I am really excited to see Play2See becoming a valuable partner for internationally-minded schools. "


Albana Bertin

PYP French bilingual program teacher
Lakeside Campus