Special Play caters to child & family requiring new & out of the box approach to connect & learn.
This Play2see program aims to match a child’s profile & supporting particular learning needs, social and cognitive skills. 

Available for 1 to 1 sessions & intimate group setting.


" The use of Art & Neuroscience behind (Play2see) design makes this program unique, multi-domain and highly relevant. I believe the approach is complementary to my domain of expertise as a paediatric ophthalmologist in diagnosing and treating pathological conditions of the eye.  Armed with an artistic background and a detailed knowledge of the visual pathway, Stephanie has devised a way to enhance the children’s visual potential by triggering their curiosity and encouraging them to use their eyes as well as their senses to feed the brain with lots of pictures, thoughts & emotions.


I recommend Stephanie and Play2see, which I see a valuable connection between eye care and education in children."


Dr Inez Wong

Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist

Eagle Eye Centre Singapore

" Over the 2 past years, I hosted Play2See for her children camps and workshops. I was impressed by the quality and originality of the work done with the children. Mrs Stephanie Tahiri and her team created a real discovery path, underlaid by Neurosciences research, combining visual arts, music and interactive play. They create a magic atmosphere where children learn about the world and themselves, use all their senses, enhancing cognitive skills as well as imagination and building confidence in their ability to think, speak, write, draw, dance. Most important is the enthusiasm and implication of Play2see, as well as their qualities of attunement with children with different needs."


Viviane Dubos

Direct & Clinical Psychologist

Anima Resources Pte Ltd

" Mrs Tahiri and Play2see's way to tackle child development is very clear, human-oriented and creative. She has rare and relevant skills in her favorite battles to have children fulfill, overcome eyesight challenges, improve perception, boost creativity and build confidence in any child who is unique.

She knows how to design a safe and positive space to welcome a group of children and have them express their differences and creativity. Mrs Tahiri and I have discussed these topics a lot. Invest a space, explore a different perspective, consider opposites, take care of special needs child in a homogeneous group without special needs.

I am a real sponsor of her work and benefits among the children and I regularly invite her to present her work and exchange in therapist' group discussion. I think Play2see contribution to the special needs education is really innovative and brings an identified added value to the children who feel engaged and empowered."

Marion Vigot

Psychomotor Therapist