Would like to have your kids exercise their curiosity, profound thinking and world knowledge?


We offer classes from 4 to 13 years old.

Classes are conducted in our premises at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Play2see kids have grown since we started our curriculum in 2014 and we welcome more and more teenagers to support them in their creative and out of the box thinking. 

Each week , the kids will be exposed to various topics sciences, culture, arts , through discussion, experiment, hands on activities & fun games! We will explore one of our expansive topics based on Play2see educational curriculum & supplemented with educational outings that encourage kids to discover & explore in an interactive, experiential & fun way. 

Weekly program:  (conducted in French or in English) 
  • PlayGroup 4-7 years (French Play2see)
    • Mon, 4.30-6pm
    • Fri, 4.30-6pm
  • French classes 10 to 12 
    • Wed, 5pm - 7pm (CE2)
    • Sat, 10am - 12pm (CP)
Daily classes
  • Mon école affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française 
    5 - 13 years (French curriculum)
    • Mon - Thurs, 8:30 to 4pm

Playgroup are for the younger kids (4 to 7 years) incorporating Play2see ways of learning, discovery and having fun while encouraging creativity, communication & expressions.

We offer bilingual (French & English) playgroup for the younger age group to feed curious minds through thousands of pieces of artwork, musical compositions & games.

French classes are conducted after school and weekend for international & local school kids who would like to keep up with their French syllabus. Discovery trips to interesting places and visit experts will be conducted on the 7th or 8th session of the class package.

Mon école daily classes are conducted by our subsidiary school Mon école (affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française) catering to kids who are using the French curriculum approved by French Ministry of Education, infused with our unique alternative & wholesome Play2see pedagogy