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The classes at PLAY2SEE mix academic excellence with a fun learning pedagogy that makes our students forget that they are in a "class". Our teachers well master the French syllabus from the Education Nationale (CP, Ce1 until 3e) as well as the level of French required to acquire the A1 to C1 level that is assessed when French is learnt as a foreign language.
We are also supporting students whom requires brushing up on their English. Our classes are a jumping board to new experiences .


Weekly language Classes

Our French and English classes welcome kids from different levels (native speakers/ foreign language)

For kids who are learning to pick up French or English as a second language (with or without any evaluation or assessment).
It is the opportunity to be fully immersed in a class, with academic and hands-on (Play2see curriculum) activities. 

Students can attend the classes individually or in groups.

For ages: 5 to 14 years 

Conducted in
French and/or English

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Subjects Taught in French
(Primary-Secondary level)

This program is catered to all primary & secondary school students in Singapore's local and/or international school system who are looking for subjects to be taught in French.  By using age-appropriate material and activities, students will have the chance to develop an enthusiasm for French in a professional yet fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Our native and experienced teachers will teach the 4 aspects of the language (speaking, reading, writing & listening) step by step using tools suitable for students such as arts and crafts and games. They will use a balanced approach to make sure that learning is efficient yet enjoyable. 

For ages: 5 to 14 years 

Conducted in

French Playgroup

Our French Playgroup classes are mainly for the younger age group kids. Incorporating  fun, easy and interactive ways of learning the basics of the French language and culture. We focus on discovery, & having fun while encouraging creativity, communication & expression. Offering interchangeable languages (French & English) to feed those little curious minds step-by-step, utilizing kid-friendly resources through songs, arts, and games. Your child will have the possibility to cultivate a passion for French in an enjoyable and inspiring environment in this program!

For ages: 4 to 7 years 

Conducted in EN/FR

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