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Stephanie Tahiri founded Play2See in 2014. She graduated with MBAs from NUS & Anderson UCLA (Singapore & Los ANgeles) in 2013 to add to her Masters in Musicology in IRCAM (Paris) and Telecom background. At this point, she has already spent 15 years working in project management in the fast-advancing world of the internet. 

She converted to the educational industry after coping with visual challenges in the family, and she gained certifications in Neuroscience and Special Education. Play2See pedagogy has a focus on fostering reflection and creativity while building confidence. She is inspired and influenced by the neuroscientists - Peggy Mason and Dale Purves, and her favourite book is "The Minds' Eye' from Oliver Sachs. 



Nurul Sulaiman graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design & Technology from SIM University, Singapore. 

She has 10 years of training and devlopment background, working & creating educational and creative cotent with multidisciplinary professionals. She is passionate about sharing knowledge through fun & exciting delivery. In her free time, she loves travelling, photograpgy and watching films. She joined Play2See in May 2017 and recently got a Specialist Diploma in teaching & Supporting Children with Special Needs. 



Lauriane Klasen graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Heritage Management in France. 

She has been working for 10 over years as an educator and teenagers' supervisiors for French overnight holiday camps and is certified as a KAPLA instructor (wooden blocks-building game), as well as holiday camp manager. She loves science, west coast dancing, board games and travellings. She moved to Singapore in 2018 to go out from her comfort zone. She joined Play2See in january 2022 and will be soon graudting as a French Teacher (FLSCO)

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Zu (or Zoo)

Zulaikha graduated with BSc in Early Childhood Education from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) & Wheelock College (Boston, USA). She carries the blood of a Chinese, Indian and Malay - a living example of a true born Singaporean. Coming from a multi-racial and multi-diverse background, she is a strong believer of being different. 


11 years of experience in early childhood sector, specifically in the special education, makes Zu an experienced Early Interventionist with many trained certifications to work alongside with many special children. She is a self-proclaimed performing artist too who sings, dance and plays the ukelele & guitar for young children. You can easily spot her petite self who runs on Energizer batteries who believes sleeping is for the dead.

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A passionate Speech-Therapist who graduated in 2019 after 5 years of study from Montreal to Singapore via France, Juliette enjoys working with her patients of all ages and backgrounds! During her professional practice, she worked in private settings such as hospitals in France and children with special needs in Canada. All these different work environments have enabled Juliette to be adaptable. 

It is due to her passion for travel and discovery that she brings along  that brought her to Singapore. Today, she puts her skills as a Speech-Therapist at the service of French-speaking children and adults who need it! She's always strive to do her best with the many children and adults she meets, she knows just how to adjust to their needs! 

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Uncle Daud


Having 7 grandchildren himself, Uncle Daud is no doubt every children's favourite! Every time we see Uncle Daud, we knew we will be going someplace amazing & exciting.


With his nurturing self, Uncle Daud is always ever-ready to bring the children in his cool bus from one place to another safely and happily. Always putting on good songs for the kids to enjoy on their way, Uncle Daud is Play2See very own Grandpa DJ!