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Meet The Team

stephanie tahiri play2see

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Tahiri

"Our petite founder who runs on Energizer batteries always has ideas brimming in her head & list of tasks to accomplish daily. She is the brain behind Play2see, a professional violin player, and an ice-skater champion in 1998? Who used to participate in worldwide championships. You might just have seen her on TV! Not to mention, a recent award recipient for Education & Literature Trophy awarded by the French Embassy, Singapore".

Adele Canu


Adèle Canu

"Adele is passionate about art. She loves all kinds of art, but especially enjoys visiting museums and checking out new exhibitions. When she's not immersed in the art world, you'll probably find her reading comic books or playing board games and video games - she's a bit of a nerd at heart!

Adele also has a keen interest in history, so she's always up for learning something new and sharing her knowledge with others." 

Blue Hair

Play2See English teacher


Mor e on her coming soon


Special Needs Educator / Content Manager

Nurul Sulaiman

"Nurul is an avid storyteller who never fails to have great stories to tell us. We personally ask for her embarrassing childhood stories, traveling experiences & even ghostly encounters.   Her stories are always the best, and never fail to make us laugh till tears roll down our cheeks (and sometimes, pants too)! But don't tell her we said that!"


French Language Specialist

Juliette Le Bars

"Juliette is dedicated & passionate in her work, even more when it is during game play. An avid traveller and athlete, it's always fun to have a conversation with her"

Illustrated Princess

Play2See English teacher


More on her coming soon

Play2See Lauriane Klasen

Educator / Kapla Expert

Lauriane Klasen

"What is there that Lauriane can't do? She is bilingual (speaks French & English fluently), is a Kapla Expert, a mad scientist, an incredible baker, and even a west coast dancer student by night!

Also, try asking her what songs she's listening to. We bet you've never heard of it. Not forgetting, she loves her tea to the T. Get the pun?

Uncle Daud

Play2See Grandpa & GPS

Uncle Daud

"Uncle Daud has 7 grandchildren and he ages like wine. We never believe when he shares his true age. 29? Really, Uncle Daud? C'mon..tell us. We promise we won't tell anyone." 

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