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About Us : Our Story

Stephanie and kids at library

Our Founder's Journey

PLAY2SEE was founded in 2012 by an idea sparked by one mother's determination to nurture lifelong confidence and learning through screen-free exploration in children. 


Since 2014, PLAY2SEE has developed its own “five senses” curriculum and fostered partnerships with artists, scientists, and museums to offer nurturing activities for kids with different interests and abilities. Since then, it has become a full-fledged & unique edutainment for children all over the world. 

Now, PLAY2SEE curriculum continues to show success with educational content that spans the breadth of over 70 different topics covering the arts, science, & many more!

Our Mission & Goals

"Your child is in great hands!"

In PLAY2SEE, we seek to use play & lateral thinking as a model of exploration & expression to encourage young children to think on their own & build confidence.

We aspire young children by encouraging their constant curiosity & open-mindedness to discover the many ways to learn, play & interact with the environment. All these are through our lessons/topics which are heavily inspired by Neuroscience & Arts. 


We conduct our camps sessions with topics from our curriculum program that aims to empower children through developing and enhancing their abilities of perception, cognition, and self-expression. 
It combines art appreciation and hands-on learning, encouraging participants to loosen up & allow their senses to explore various subjects from different viewpoints.

Play2see CURRICULUM includes 70+ TOPICS, with different activities for each age groups and in based on different categories, namely:
- Shapes, Movements, House, Nature & Opposites.

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