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Play2see is a UNIQUE program for your kids who are unique in the way they think, move and interact with others. We have been conducting and designing weekly workshops and holiday camps for kids since 2014.

From Art to Sciences, with games, visits to museums and meet-ups with experts, the children develop confidence, learn how to articulate their thoughts and get inspired. Our Program is delivered in English or in French.

📢 23 July 21 📢 : OUR HOLLIDAY CAMPS are OPEN for the SUMMER !!
HALF-DAY Options to offer a safe and fun space for your kids while fully complying with the new regulations for enrichment centres.  

Our Programs
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Summer Camps 2021 !

Exciting & inspiring full day camps for

6 to 9 & 10 to 14 years old

26 to 30 July

2 to 6 Aug

10 to 13 Aug

16 to 20 Aug

23 to 27 Aug 

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Daily / Weekly Classes

Play2see curriculum as well as Play2see outings and CNED curriculum 

  • PlayGroup 4 to 6 years
    Tues, 4.45-5:45pm (In French)
    Sat, 3-4pm (on hold) 


  • Homeschooler 5 to 15 years old (Daily)
    Mon - Fri, 8:30 to 4:30pm (except Wed and Fri afternoon)

    More info regarding our CNED program on


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Special Play

Individual & customized sessions 

When thinking out of the box is the most powerful solution to integrate confidence, learning and interaction with others ... 

  • ​Any day on request in English or French. 

  • By appointment only

Words from parents and partners :

“Mrs Tahiri is passionate about the work she does at Play2See and carefully plans the curriculum at Play2See to ensure that each lesson fully engages the participants and encourages them to think creatively… Any collaboration would be very appealing to parents who wish to introduce their children to art through an immersive and interactive process.”

- Benjamin Ng,
Founder of BH Fine Arts

“Play2See broadened and deepened the horizon for my daughter Alexandra since her participation in the program. Combining visual arts, music and interactive play, each Play2See session took my daughter on a journey of explorations..."


Play2see Mom


“Play2See helped Ashley to stimulate her creative and logical thinking. Great environment for her to be fully immersed into a completely different dimension, where my wife and I wouldn't be able to do so, without the help of the Play2See program.

-Edwin Tay,

Play2see Dad

Play2see has created a real discovery path, underlayed by Neurosciences research, combining visual arts, music and interactive play. Children learn about the world and themselves. Most important is the enthusiasm and implication of Play2see, as well as their qualities of attunement with children with different needs.

- Vivian Dubos,

Clinical Psychologist

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