Frequently asked



Q: Is Play2see a tuition centre?


Play2see does not run tuition classes. The Play2see curriculum is not a results-driven system that guarantees good grades in academics or discipline like maths, Chinese language, dance, or piano. Instead, it supplements as an enrichment towards developing a child's interpersonal and cognitive abilities that will help them grow, learn and fulfil. 


Q: What sort of skills are developed in Play2see? What sort of progress can I expect?


Play2see aims to develop skills in :

  • cognition (grasp concepts faster using lateral thinking and motor skills)

  • perception (observe, analyse, understand, connect...)

  • socialization (think, interact, respect and play in a small group)

  • creativity (exposure to art, boost imagination, play with objects, games or its own body in an inventive way)


Q: Is Play2see an enrichment centre?


Play2see is an enrichment centre in the sense of its helping children improve their fundamental skills, such as thought, perception and appreciation. It exposes children to stories, works of art, history and music pieces, which can enrich their understanding of the various mediums. 


Q: How can I evaluate the progress of my child?


Play2see builds on your child's ability to learn, connect with their environment, and act with confidence - fundamental strengths for which there are no standard-evaluation forms to assess. However, the benefits of Play2see show themselves through improvements in learning abilities, as well as increases in curiosity, self-confidence, and worldliness. 


Q: What is the recommended age group that is most-suited for the Play2see curriculum?

Play2see workshops are most-suitable for children who are 4 to 14 years old. 


Q: Is Play2see suitable for children with learning disabilities?


Play2see loves having children with different skills and challenges. The mixture raises the diversity of the contributions of the students and allows them to shine and explore at different momentums within the class. The parents and/or the children enrolled in Play2see is encouraged to come with a personal expectation that goes beyond "having fun and gaining knowledge about art". 


Q: My child performs well at school, and he/she has no social issues. Can he still benefit from Play2see?


All children are able to benefit from Play2see and there is no need for there to be existing challenges. in order to extend our child's strengths or appetite to explore ... the Play2see program is complementary to the formal school curriculum and allows children to think out of the box, spark their creativity and express themselves in a small, trusting class environment. 


Q: Is Play2see an Arts and Crafts class?


The Play2see curriculum does include some arts and craft, but it does not represent the core of the activities. As such, it cannot be labelled an Arts & Crafts class as the core of the program is the Play2see curriculum. The Play2see curriculum introduces different topics with a fine-tuned pedagogy framework, using different mediums as art reproductions, group discussion, games, music and movement. 



Q: Can I enrol to just 1 day of the 5 days holiday camps programme?


It is highly encouraged that the kids are enrolled for the full duration of the camp to truly achieve the benefits of our programme. The programme is designed to leverage on the class dynamic and chemistry among the kids. The learning opportunity is enhanced as the kids understand the harmony of class, inspiring them to share and learn more from each other. Having a kid join only 1 day of our programme, may not enable him to participate effectively. 

Q: What are the Terms & Conditions?

Please click here to view the Terms & Condition for a camp.