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CNED & Homework support

For homeschoolers and students from the French syllabus that requires assistance in keeping up with the demand of the curriculum. We provide a nurturing and friendly environment to help kids catchup, revise for specific subject or provide assistance for homework.


Homework support

(French syllabus)

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We are providing a safe space with assistance and supervision to complete homework & review specific subjects.

Suitable for:
- After school program for kids seeking French syllabus support

1 to 1 option available
For ages: 7 to 15 years old
Mon - Thurs, 4 to 7
Fridays, 2- 6pm

CNED support for Homeschooler


We have been supporting families who are subscribed to distance learning programs (CNED and other) for their kids since 2020.
We provide a nurturing environment that offers both social and educational support, allowing kids to excel in their academics and grow well through our an unique, not typical but highly effective way. 

Suitable for:
- Homeschoolers following a distance learning program
- Kids requiring non-conventional education approach & support

For ages: 5 to 15 years old

Subjects Taught in French

(Primary-Secondary level)


This program is catered to all primary & secondary school students in Singapore's local and/or international school system who are looking for subjects to be taught in French.  By using age-appropriate material and activities, students will have the chance to develop an enthusiasm for French in a professional yet fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Suitable for:
- Homeschoolers 
- After school program for international / local school kids seeking French curriculum support

For ages: 7 to 15 years old

Homeschool CNED
Homework support
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