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PLAY2SEE has continuously worked together with students with special needs, as well as unique abilities and backgrounds throughout the many years. We provide an individualized approach that offers support and facilitates attainable opportunities. Every program that PLAY2SEE offers enhances the lives and expands the futures of all of our students as well as their families.

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Special Play

For ages: 3 to 14 years 

Conducted in
French or English

Special Play caters to children & families requiring new & out-of-the-box approaches to connect & learn. This PLAY2SEE program aims to match your child's learning profile & supporting your child's learning needs, and social and cognitive skills. 

Available for 1-to-1 sessions & intimate group settings. 

I believe the approach is complementary to my domain of expertise as a paediatric ophthalmologist in diagnosing and treating pathological conditions of the eye. Armed with an artistic background and a detailed knowledge of the visual pathway, Stephanie has devised a way to enhance the children's visual potential by triggering their curiosity and encouraging them to use their eyes as well as all their senses to feed the brain with lots of pictures, thoughts and emotions.
-Dr Inez Wong
Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmologist, 2019


Speech Therapy in French

For ages: Birth to 99 years

Conducted in


Juliette is a certified Speech Therapist from France.  She specializes in helping French-speaking families in Singapore and their children who show difficulties with language development. She conducts her therapy sessions in PLAY2SEE.

Each child's needs are taken into careful consideration when designing lessons in the best way.  Juliette, our at-home speech therapist, will focus on four abilities (speaking, listening, understanding, and writing) as well as grammar and pronunciation unless children have a different requirement. 

Psychologist Sessions

For ages: Birth to 99 years

Conducted in


Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to help you navigate the challenges of daily life, work on stress management, and develop effective coping strategies.
Amélie Boutry & Christhelle works with toddlers, young children, teens & adults. 

Our psychologists specialise in helping our clients in terms of their emotional control, well-being in all environment holistically, and their overall emotional understanding. 

Testimonials from parents & professionals

"PLAY2SEE has created a real discovery path, underlayed by Neurosciences research, combining visual arts, music and interactive play. Children learn about the world and themselves. Most important is the enthusiasm and implication of PLAY2SEE, as well as their qualities of attunement with children with different needs."

- Vivian Dobos

(Clinical Psychologist) 

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